Why am I writing this Blog?

I’ve had quite the journey. There have been so many moments along the way that I have felt lost, and I’ve had to find ways to get out of that “lost-ness”. History has made my life difficult, but we all have our challenges, right? The real challenge is moving forward and not getting stuck in the muck of the negative feelings.

So, I am going to start writing about my journey with the hope and the purpose of dealing with my feelings and maybe, just maybe, I’ll inspire and help someone else along the way.

For some reason, and it must be my past, I have a strong resolution to push forward. I haven’t always felt this way. There were years where I simply dealt with situations by reacting, not resolving. I’m learning to deal and not simply react. It’s a process of learning and growing through the pain. I have a LOT of help. Friends. Family. Fabulous people in my life who contribute to my healing. The hard part has been learning to reach out and work through the pain. Recognize the emotion and learn how to solve the problem. I’m a work in progress, as we all are. A beautiful creation of our Makers beauty. Time to recognize that I’m not truly alone.

I grew up as an only child in a home with strong parents who were driven to succeed. I understand that their background is why and what drove their passion. The problem was that I didn’t pick up on dealing with my emotions in a healthy way. So, now, as an adult, it’s time to put my ‘big girl’ panties on and figure out where I can do the work to find the woman I know I can and want to be. Confident, loving, compassionate and wise.

I hope you might find your path as I write about how I discovered, and am still discovering, mine.



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