Begninnings and the Future

June is the month that my third child was born by Cesarean-section. And although it is a very special day for him, it is even more so for me. 19 years ago, during surgery, the Dr’s lost a patient for a few moments. Those moments were just long enough for me to understand that we are here for a deeper purpose. It took me days to get over it, but now, years later, seeing all that has happened between then and now, I understand why I was pulled back.

How can we possibly know what is going to happen 20 years from now? Or in the time that it takes to get there? Although we ought to live for the moment and enjoy every day in its entirety, we also have to keep our eyes glancing into the future. If we don’t prepare for what is coming our way, we could be caught in a bad situation.

You can look at your financial planning for your future in the same way. Life Insurance, Retirement Savings, College Savings. Make sure you’re reevaluating your plans so that you are secure when you get where you’re headed! Sit down with your advisors:  Attorney, CPA, Financial Person and even your Spiritual Advisor, to make sure that you are planning and preparing for what’s next in the best way you are able.


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