My tidbits of Wisdom (Inspired by my children)

We live in a world of choices and it’s crucial to make good choices through out life. Although we will all make mistakes, we ought to keep getting back on track and fight until we reach your goal. Never give up.

Present yourself to the world in the best way that you can. Look at yourself in the mirror each time you leave your home. You NEVER have a second chance at a first impression. IMPRESS the world! Sorry, but we do indeed judge the proverbial book by its cover. It’s just instinctive.

Surround yourself with people you can rely on, who will lift you, encourage you and PUSH you toward your goals. Take a helping hand along the way, but make it your way and work hard to be a success. No matter what you do, do it right. At times you may feel discouraged and angry since things aren’t quite going the way you had planned. You may not like what you hear from your “team”…get over it, they are trying to help you, and fight anyway. Keep going and keep your chin up. It’s not easy, not for anyone. Take a positive attitude toward your challenges and just keep going.

Listen to suggestions from people who have experience. Who may have been there, or who are just older and more knowledgeable than you. They may not be smarter, but they might know a thing or two about how you can make your way easier.

When you have arrived. Share your experience. Help someone else. Pay it forward.


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